We make house call's !

Having us visit the space in your home where you want to watch movies or listen to music is the logical first step when you are considering making an investment in a high performance home entertainment system. Selecting the correct products from the vast array of Audio-Video components, many which contain on board computers that require "programming", is beyond the knowledge base of most do-it-yourself A.-V. Enthusiasts today! The published specifications available on the internet are interesting for comparative purposes but do not tell you what products from various manufacturers work well together. The appropriate mix of models is learned over time and after the thousands of system installations over the 39 years in the business.  Any of our system designers will be pleased to come to your home at your convenience to assist you in making the correct choices based on room dimensions / acoustic properties / ability to control the light / how to optimize speaker placement and other important issues. this is a "Free" visit. Call to make an appointment. (602-263-9410). This visit will result in your getting the most for your investment!

Building, Remodeling or Redecorating?

Each home we encounter and every one of our customer's needs is unique. In order to provide you with the best possible audio / video system and most expert installation, your system designer and one of our installation experts will visit the project site and cover all items listed below plus any other relevent issues.

Your Walkthrough Will Include:

  • Determine type of home construction.
  • Determine and discuss wire path options.
  • Evaluate existing equipment for potential
    integration into new system.
  • Evaluate and discuss proper speaker size and placement.
  • Evaluate and discuss room acoustics.
  • Measure room for proper screen size.
  • Evaluate and discuss ambient light issues,
    control options and general conditions.
  • Evaluate and discuss existing locations of electrical power,
    cable/satellite and telephone outlets.
  • Evaluate and discuss proper placement of control devices.
  • Determine appropriate location for local antenna (HDTV)
    and/or satellite dish. (if applicable)
  • Determine CC&R restrictions and special permit requirements
    (if applicable)

After our visit, you will receive a customized system proposal for your home which will include your system's specific equipment recommendations plus detailed information on all major components of the system and in many instances we also provide an installation labor estimate.

*Please allow one to two hours for this visit.
*This service is avaliable outside of the Phoenix metro area but is subject to additional time and travel charges.

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